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Cable Cutter Canada (tm) was designed with one goal in mind; to make it easier for Canadians to watch online TV and video content. It has a staff of one, me, and came out of my own difficulty in surfing here and there in a very inefficient manner just looking for some online entertainment.

Most of the linked sites and content are free but some content has a price. This is fine with me as I personally subscribe to Netflix and have no problem at all paying for content that I feel is worth it.  I love a free market and, as many paid services on the Internet have shown, people will pay quite willingly when they feel they are getting their money's worth.

I have done my best to include content that is good for the whole family.  It's likely not possible to please everyone, or not to offend anyone but I have tried. If you feel I have failed, please feel free to contact me below.

Another site, developed my brother and me,, started in much the same manner and with a similar desire; to make it easier to find stuff on the Internet, first for my Dad, and then others. It has been doing so since 2001.  This is a new effort and I hope it works for you :-)

All the best you, and have fun!


To contact Cable Cutter Canada TM to report any dead links - or If you have a site that you feel would make a good addition, please feel free to contact me: Email us here
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